Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis involves having an abnormal "C" or "S" curvature of the spine (sometimes noticeable and sometimes not). While treatment often involves wearing some type of brace, especially in more advanced cases or stages of scoliosis, chiropractic is another effective option. And its benefits tend to be long-term.

Although no one really knows the cause of scoliosis, chiropractic can definitely be part of the solution. If you live near our Winter Springs, FL office, give Dr. David Scoppa a call today at (407) 695-4800 for an appointment, or fill out the Request Appointment form below. WSSW has specialized equipment used for scoliosis treatments.

Studies show that regular chiropractic care offers patients with scoliosis benefits not only immediately after treatment but for up to two years post-treatment or more. These benefits include less of a curvature, reduced pain, and lower levels of disability related to the curvature of the spine.

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